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Guild Adventures! Arena of Doom is in production. It will be the second game that will be hosted in our forum. The game will have 20 heroes to choose from and it takes place in the dreaded Arena of Doom located in the Dwanen Mountains in-between the dangerous Sokan Valley. 

Rich aristocrats across the Lands of Bavidirian come to the arena to bet large sums of gold in hopes to increase their wealth. Gladiators and other competitors compete to mark their fame and fortune by fighting to achieve grand master of the arena. Currently the grand master is a dark elf by the name of Ald'Seran and he has not been defeated for over 200 years. 

Your story begins here, as a gladiator slave. Only by becoming a grand master will you be granted freedom and finally see beyond the bloodstained walls of the dreaded Arena of Doom.  Will you have the strength and willpower to succeed? Find out soon and join us in a fantasy game in the near future.  

Cover is illustrated by William McAusland.

Game is created by John Davids.