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About John

This is a work of continuous introduction of myself. Be patient! We will get this right one day. 

About John Buchhalter

About me...
Thought by some to be a blessing of one of the great gods of Norse Mythology, the being now commonly known as John “GD” Buchhalter who fell to earth by a shooting asteroid from Valhalla on the Night of the Blue Wicked Moon and is blessed with human abilities. Just overnight, he grew a stomach to the size of a balloon and transformed into some kind of ogre sitting on a comfortable chair in front of a pc religiously. During the morning, he taps dances for his cat named Sylvester and his Shih Tzu dog named Bella. During the day, he embarks on killing flies with an electrical fly zapper which he imagines is Gandalf’s staff from Lord of the Rings. He also tries to write poetry to only find out nothing rhymes so he ends up devouring whole books on fantasy by famous authors. He then takes breaks in-between and goes hiking in the Everglades to be bitten by mosquitoes with Zika and Malaria diseases to only find out he is not from this planet and isn’t affected by a mosquito bite, but sure is frightened of the stare of a 12-foot crocodile that sees him as a good snack. 


Yes, GD is admired for many years by close alien friends and critters……


Oh. Sorry. The REAL version. Uh-huh


John Buchhalter is a fantasy enthusiast that hasn’t published anything substantial to be called an Award-Winning golden globe Hollywood…anything title, yet he still loves his hobby of fantasy works. He writes novels, gamebooks, and tries to get board games done to only realize the digital and computer world is taken over. If only he would have taken C++ programming and Java more seriously or had published in the 70’s and 80’s alongside Gary Gygax and his crew. 


John is married for over 20 years, has a daughter who loves to draw and is 17, and as you already know has a cat and dog that are pain in the asses, but we love them. We live in Miami where there is always a 33% chance of hurricanes sweeping us away (alive or not) to Middle Earth or partake in a flooding (or better said drowning) adventure and take us to the glorious civilization of Atlantis. We mean to move, but somehow stay another year to ask why is our avocado tree not giving us avocados!


At the moment, John is working on light hearted games called Guild Adventures! and a roleplaying game (not so light hearted) called Darkness Ends! Defending Rondor


Thank you for visiting and always come back as John loves to change the website each week, which is another hobby of his. If you have any questions or want to just give a shout out then use the contact form. He will answer fairly soon to any message that he gets. Correction: He doesn't get many messages so he will actually answer very quickly. 


Have a great week and don't hesitate to purchase the gamebook Guild Adventures! The Dragonslayer. Thank goodness DriveThru RPG exists for hobbyist and amateur writers like John even though there are really (if not most) real professional game designers, companies, writers, artists that publish there also. It makes John least he can imagine it as so.....


Anyway,....time for some Tennessee Whiskey and some Strawberry Wine for my wife and back to the attempts to writing.


Thank you and come back soon! 

Thank you for contacting John. He will get back to you as soon as possible.
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