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How it all began...

Symbol of Darkness

Before there was light there was darkness and the creation of the first goddess of the universe. There she created darkness in her own vision and enjoyed silence. Out of dark matter evolved new gods called the elementals. Fieraka the fire god and the first of the elementals didn’t like darkness for he wanted to see the goddess of darkness’s beauty. Therefore, he weaved large suns throughout the dark universe. Eartinya formed next, who found looking at suns boring and created planets. As planets formed around suns she grew very fond of one planet called Alorath. There she intended to create immortal beautiful living beings that would enjoy her vision and share her imagination. Wassernia formed next from dark matter and grew very fond of Eartinya’s imagination and knew she couldn’t harbor life without water and created the oceans on the planet. Eartinya and Wassernia fell in love as they watched eagerly at the planets evolution. Fieraka admired the two elementals love and provided a gift by ensuring heat and gravity to the planet ensuring it would never stray away from his sun. A billion years passed and Eartinya and Wassernia grew bored and therefore created a child, which they called Winsork. Many more billions of years passed before the couple saw what gifts their immortal child gave. Winsork ensured that the creations that his parents envisioned could breathe and have free will to use happiness to their disposal. 

Symbol of Fire

Life on the planet of Alorath was forming peacefully when the combination of powers that the elementals provided made it possible. There they watched as life was weaved with motions from Eartinya’s imagination. Eventually, Wassernia joined the joy of his wife and created ocean dwellers. Winsork created emotions, a purpose, and intellectual ability for all creations. 


But such happiness always ends. For what is life without death and death without life. Life was not something the creator of the dark universe enjoyed. It is irritably loud, unnecessarily complicated, irrational, and most of all plain disturbing. Marikasha the goddess of darkness wanted it to all end, so she ordered Fieraka to destroy the suns to make it dark again and most of all silent, just how she loved it in her creation of the universe. Fieraka refused to destroy the suns for he was in love with Marikasha and wanted to see her beauty in the light. Marikasha frowned but let Fieraka believe she loved him because she had a plan. 

Symbol of Earth

With much joy, the elemental gods continued to create and share their imagination when more immortal beings were created to live on Alorath. They created positive emotions such as laughter, happiness, excitement, the joy of life and living it, and most of all cherished love. Marikasha was powerless, as she watched with much disdain. Knowing she can’t stop the elementals, she joined their pathetic views and therefore created reasons for death. She tampered with the elemental gods’ powers by creating storms and earthquakes, hurricanes, as of unbearable hot and cold seasons. She took advantage of Winsork’s creation of emotions and intellectual abilities that these living beings enjoyed by adding agony, pain, illnesses, and the feeling of suffering. The elemental gods were baffled and also helpless in stopping Marikasha’s foul magic. 


And so, life and death, darkness and light were forced to live amongst each other. 

Symbol of Water

The elementals were saddened, yet accepted the fate of this cycle, yet the goddess of darkness did not want life to exist. She wanted it to stop and therefore planned to create beings that would annihilate life. 


The first of her champions was created with a trickery on Fieraka. She knew his pathetic weakness of love for her and took advantage of his emotions by using his powers in combination of hers to create a fire breathing abomination born in the deepest abysses of the planet, which she named Morashitar the overlord of demons. It spawned an army for one purpose and that is to eliminate life. Then she created Galbatrax by reviving an ancient dragon into a 5 headed monster and made it the leader to create an immense undead army. Its task was to raise the dead using dark magic and unite them with the demons to destroy all creations of the elemental gods. 

 Symbol of Light

Today the struggle continues as the story evolves around a hero named Lord Denonimas. He leads an army gallantly on a Pegasus wearing a shiny platemail armor forged by the heavens. His army stands at the  Cave of Morashitar in hopes to keep demons from entering the lands. 
Symbol of Darkness - Marikasha Goddess of Darkness
Symbol of Fire - Fieraka God of Fire
Symbol of Earth - Eartinya Goddess of Life / Earth
Symbol of Water - Wassernia God of Water
Symbol of Light - Winsork God of Light / Air